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How to Make Packaging More Sustainable 

Product packaging I actually a big part of solid waste, and over 83 trillion tons of waste is just product packaging.  These numbers are four times what they were about 60 years ago, and with ecommerce rising, you want to start considering packaging sustainability. 

Reducing the packaging impact is important, and it sounds a lot better than trying to fill up the landfills doesn’t it? 

Well as an established business, there are a few ways to do this. And with a lot of people producing more and more waste that doesn’t get recycled, this is even more important. 

There is a lot of room to improve on recycled and composted items, getting that closer and closer to 100%. While it will never hit max, it can always be a much better thing. 

There are little things that you can do to make this a lot better. And of course, with more and more customers making those sustainable purchases, especially due to the pandemic, the rise of sustainable products now, and in the future is definitely becoming a lot more involved. 

So how can you offer more sustainable packaging? Read on to find out. 

How to Create sustainable packaging 

There are a few things that you must do. 

First, you need to understand the life cycle of the product. When you understand the packaging lifecycle, you can choose if you wat the packaging to be recyclable, or even just biodegradable, and of course, what you hope to get from this too. 

Next, you want to choose the right materials. Corrugated and paperboard boxes and products are something that can help you fit your products completely. This will offer the best packaging that you can while also still protecting the planet. 

You can even take this further with total recyclable and biodegradable boxes for shipping. Kraft boxes are really good for being durable, minimalist, and sturdy, perfect for the brand packaging that you hope to use. 

Sustainable materials do extend past the box, and you should try for eco-friendly box options as well such as eco-friendly packaging peanuts. 

Another thing is to use custom packaging in order to reduce the waste that you have. 

If you’re shipping items in boxes that are oversized, you might as well throw away money by creating waste that isn’t necessary, and the larger boxes do increase your carbon footprint. So you should consider the option of using custom boxes as well when trying to fit all of these items directly into your packaging, and to give it the best options possible. 

Another thing is to make sure that you order the packaging before you buy in bulk. 

You want to make sur that the product for starters fits in the packaging, and if you realize that they’re not the correct size, this will definitely not be useful, and you end up throwing it away.

You can prevent this by ordering product samples, so you can physically put products into them, ensuring that they’re the best size for the job before you order in bigger quantities, and you also can see if the design as well what is you want before you move forward ordering  a hundred or so of them. 

If you offer a minimum quantity of one, you can order a sample, and then use this if it’s good, or from there commit to more boxes at different sizes if you feel you don’t need that big of packaging. 

You want to make sure that you work to reduce your carbon footprint with packaging, and you can do this now with no issues. 

Fragile Product Shipment: Tips to Package Fragile Products

Are you tired of defective goods and consumer returns? Wrapping Equipment can show you where to box fragile things. Products that are fragile and easily broken require additional safeguards. Protecting your goods might be difficult given many container choices to select from. Continue studying whether you desire to decrease refunds and provide your clients a consistent experience using your business.

Tips to Properly Wrap Fragile Products

Defective and faulty equipment account for 30percentage points of all consumer refunds each year, giving them the most common reason for refunds. This emphasizes the importance of selecting the appropriate cardboard container, especially in online stores and online enterprises. So, what’s the best way to mail fragile products?There seems to be a very simple technique to guarantee that your valuable, fragile, or priceless items arrive for one item:

1. Use Appropriate Packaging

Your consumers will be disappointed if you use the improper sort of packing, which will almost certainly be resulting in refunds. When choosing packing for delicate objects, typically are 3 considerations to keep in mind:

The sort of packing you pick will be determined by the things you’re delivering. Clamshell containers are flexible but also somewhat resilient, giving this an appealing option for difficult or fragile objects, yet it cracks or splits under stress. Whenever this occurs, the packing as a whole is damaged, exposing your valuable product to the environment. Use double-walled packing materials to protect your items.

Ecological Effect – It’s critical to think about the materials used in the container for just a variety of purposes, along with the ecology. Avoid using cheap, garish bags and choose eco-friendly packaging such the polycarbonate-free packaging to gain the trust of sustainable and environmental shoppers that prefer organic packing materials.

Cost – Low-cost wrapping is frequently comprised of limited materials which aren’t suited for transporting pricey things, and therefore shouldn’t be utilized to just save dollars on package expenses. This invariably ends badly, costing extra in returned products than that of the early savings, tarnishing the professional reputation & frustrating consumers.

Size – Though having a container that is large enough even for the items is necessary, more isn’t always better. Purchasing commercial containers and employing just one strategy will not take you very far. Due to its convenient cross-function, paperback wrap envelopes are indeed an ideal choice for securely and economically packaging objects of different kinds and types.Whenever you have any questions about the finest container of use, please contact our manufacturing specialists, who will be pleased to assist you in selecting the right container for the products.

2. Use Vacuum Fill Packing to Save Internally Storage

For decades, plastic wrap is still the go-to void filler, and as more information regarding its environmental consequences becomes available — and even some good biodegradable packing options — it’s necessary to reconsider how you secure your deliveries.We have a few great polycarbonate shipping methods for you to select, both of these are constructed entirely of reusable and renewable components:

EcoNutz is the most adaptable packaging option we have. EcoNutz seems to be recyclable and look like Styrofoam chips, however, they don’t have the environmental downsides that polycarbonate packaging has. Puff-Pack – It is a great replacement for a plastic wrap that is also ecologically responsible. Puff Pack is designed to provide a 50percent good return over plain tissue, assisting to save the earth’s resources while also reducing your packing costs.

Nest Pack – Nest Pack is a safe nesting that surrounds and bassinets your valuable cargo, inspiration from nature. That eliminates any motion in transportation and reduces the risk of harm to the belongings while they travel to their ultimate stop. All of those vacuum fill alternatives seem to have their own set of benefits, and it’s useful to start with both the various possibilities to discover the best fit for particular delicate items.

3. Develop unique packaging concepts

Packaging layout is the most effective approach to preserve your products while also impressing your consumers. Our unique container methods are suited for all types of repairable items, from bottles of wine through jewelry, and the options are unlimited.

Customized plugs will keep your products in place, preventing mobility and giving the deliveries a professional look. Maximizing the possibilities of the inside container helped customers recall the brand and increases overall perceived quality for your items. External packing, such as double-wall paper, also helps to ensure that your sensitive product is delivered in good condition. Would you like to discover how well your packing will work? Request a free package sample to see how your artwork will appear.

Requesting Fragile Product Packaging

The things you’re transporting will dictate the material you use. We provide a variety of sustainable and environmental packaging options for delicate items that didn’t destroy the budget, no issue which type of shipping you pick. Because of our dedication to polycarbonate wrapping, you can safeguard both your belongings as well as the ecosystem without sacrificing quality and design.

Visit our retail site to see a collection of top, sustainable packaging that is ideal for fragile shipments. Are you searching for a one-of-a-kind remedy? Contact us today customization quotation through the in-house designer.

Importance Of Branding For Business Success

What is branded packaging, and why is it important to your business success? These are the questions you may have in your mind. After all, you are doing the basics right by using the best quality packaging materials to ensure your item’s protection during transit. Then why care for branded packaging?

You have these questions in mind because you know it takes a fair bit of time to design a product packaging. You have to work with the design team to create a branded packaging for your product. The reason you have to use branded packaging is that it tells your brand story to your customers. It helps you stand out from your competition.

What is branding necessary?

Your company can benefit from branding in several ways. Ultimately, it can help improve your business bottom line significantly. Here is why branding is crucial for your business.

  • It tells your brand story.
  • It creates an emotional connection between your target audience and your company.
  • It helps enhance the recognition of your product and brand.
  • It helps build people’s trust and confidence in your business and products.
  • It helps your stand out from your competition.

With the help of an effective brand strategy, you can enhance customer experience and instill loyalty for your brand. First off, you have to build a solid brand identity. After doing it right, you will be able to earn a positive brand reputation. Eventually, you will see your customers talking about your product over social media and other channels.

Your company’s identity and values

Your brand and custom packaging tell a brand story to your customers. While working on your branding, you have to be careful. It is best to take your time to make sure that your branding strategy is specific to your company. It needs to tell the origin of your business and why it has grown. It should also communicate your values to your customers and tell them why those are important to your business. Answering these questions and knowing your values can help you build a meaningful, authentic brand.

Logo design

Your business logo is the core of your branding. It is immediately identifiable to your audience and customers. To make it more memorable, you need it to be clear, strong, and simple. It will tell your customers a lot about your business.

You do not need to rush to make your business logo memorable and effective. If you have to take your time to think well to create a memorable and impressive logo design, take it.

Bespoke packaging to create a strong brand

Not many years ago, packaging was meant to keep a product safe during its journey from point A to B. Today, the concept of packaging has evolved. While product safety continues to be the top requirement, you have to make sure to use it for your branding advantage.

With the help of product packaging, you can add value to the customer experience. It means that packaging designing provides you with an opportunity to reinforce your brand. It has a logo at a prominent position, and its design helps you boost sales and retain customers.

Reusing And Recycling Sustainable Corrugated Packaging

Sustainability refers to the concept of everything we need coming from natural resources. The purpose of implementing this concept is to create and maintain the conditions that promote the harmonious co-existence of humans and a well-protected environment.

In this article, we will discuss corrugated boxes because they are made of trees, which are renewable sources. Corrugated is the most recovered packaging material in the world. This material is manufactured from trees and recovered corrugated material. The industry recovery rate of corrugated is over 90%, according to the data based on an 8-year long study. That is why an average corrugated box consists of 50% recycled content.

The overall recovery rate of corrugated is 78%, which is the highest among other materials. Plastic, on the other hand, is recovered only 15%.

Recycling corrugated

You may wonder how the recycling process works after old corrugated containers are dropped off. After these containers are dropped off, recycling units sort, compact, and bale these boxes to save storage space. These bales are shifted to paper mills where these materials are broken down. The corrugated is then inserted into a re-pulper, which is much similar to a blender. The re-pulper agitates the material to form a slushy pulp of water and fiber. After removing the contaminants, the pulp is poured into a moving screen that removes water to form a fiber mat.

This fiber is then wound through a dryer that removes the remaining moisture from the paper. This paper is then rewound into rolls.

Benefits of recycling

The latest corrugated industry life cycle assessment suggests an improvement in the environment as a result of increased efficiency in mill energy systems, improved recycling procedures, and the use of low-impact fossil fuels. This report also suggests reduced industry’s greenhouse gas emissions due to corrugated packaging recovery.

It may be interesting to note that corrugated recycling has a direct and significant impact on the earth. These recycling procedures have resulted in a decrease in solid waste disposal. Recycled fiber contributes to the creation of new packaging materials without the use of too much new raw material.

Recycling corrugated

With every recycling, the corrugated material loses some of its fibers’ length. However, a corrugated can be recycled 5-7 times before its fibers become too short to make it unfit for recycling again. That is where this material is turned into paper paste, which is used in the creation of other items such as egg cartons and newspaper.

Reusing corrugated

Corrugated is as much reusable as it is renewable. That is because of the durability and flexibility of the material. You can reuse corrugated cartons over and over again before they need recycling.

When you order anything online, you will probably get it packed in a corrugated box. That’s where it is necessary not to forget about thx during the excitement of getting hold of the main product. You can flatten the box and save it for future use. Even if its edges and corners are damaged, you can tape them to make them durable for storing and moving your items.

Getting the right boxes for the job.

No matter what you are doing you need to do it well.  Rather that is moving your own home or your workplace.  The economy told us it was time to move. The reason for this is the lowest interest rates of all time and the lack of employees being able to actually go to work.  Studies found quickly that people were just as productive while working at home and the cost of an office was no longer needed for many companies.  Now our company decided to downsize and we moved after the regulations in our state lifted and we were allowed to come back to work and also move.  We ended up purchasing a lot of products in order to get all of our gear, supplies, and office supplies to our new office.  Now we were off to find the right place.

There really are a ton of options in this country.  The first place we went to was a local big-box supply store.  They are all around and they mark up prices by a large amount.  We needed boxes, crates, and packaging supplies in order to get everything ready and the cost was really high.  We were sitting in the aisles looking at our phones and wondering what we were doing there.  We nicely put all the items back and decided at that moment that online was the way to go. It was going to be faster for us too.  Less travel. 

Now we knew Amazon was going to be one option.  We put in boxes and tape, and crates and so many other things.  The organizational items seemed to be the ones we needed and the shipping on most of them was the next day.  But something didn’t sit right spending thousands of dollars for a move.  So this led us to look at moving companies that would do all of this and provide the materials at a lower cost and possibly give us more options.

Some of the companies brought their own boxes when you used them and crates. After putting many of them against one another we got them to be just a little more expensive than Amazon.  This was originally going to be the best step. We could pay others to do it and spend the same amount of money.  It was going to be the plan until we shopped around and found a packaging supplies store online and that was a really good find.

Going direct is a smart move and was a huge help.  If you have ever used this kind of store was a direct manufacturer and they sold all the items we needed for the move.  I put them in the cart and found that there were bulk discounts for different items.  Thinking this was basically a business deal I called them up and started talking to the customer service agent.  They were amazing and told me I should swap out some boxes and tape to save money.  Then they said if we bought it all together we would get a discount on top of the prices.  Instantly, I was intrigued and then it turned out to be half the price of amazon with better products.  Prices and quality were the answer and we knew it was the right place to be. 

Don’t Let your Warehouse Run Dry

This year has forced so many companies to work on how to cut costs.  The Pandemic ruined much our the American Economy and what we found out was that it was all for a lie.  The fact is that lie or not we have to survive or we all lose our jobs.  I am always amazed at how much some departments can spend on certain items and it hurts my mind and pocketbook. It really is a wild ride of budgets and sometimes the individual items that are needed can really get costly.  This year beyond most our company is really cracking down on budgets to make sure we are staying competitive in this COVID-19 world.  It means that all of our sections especially our warehouse and shipping department need to be in tip-top shape and saving all the money we can to be on top of our competition.  If we can spend 20 cents less on each and every package we send out then we will crush the competition.  Anyone excited about that, to me it means getting down to each and every detail from how we put things together and every product used to ship a single package.  So that was our task this month was to cut our warehouse and shipping costs even more and we succeeded.

Money matters and it means we get to keep another employee.  I think that knowing how to do a project is half the battle.  Then you can take that process and narrow down the best, fastest, and most efficient way to do it.  When it came to simply ship out boxes we saved thousands a year by one single step we changed.  IT was an insanely tedious task and we had each of our floor workers help us do it.  We asked 5 different people to do the same job and do it alone.  We had them time themselves and asked them to simply take a shipment and fulfill it.  We watched the steps they made, the products they used, and how much.  We measured everything we could think of and even how many inches of packing tape they used.  What we found was that each and every person used 2 to 5 strips for each and every side of the box.  

They used too much packing tape because they knew that they had seen boxes open up with that tape and only one strip used.  It was clearly something that was just known by the workers and they all used excessive amounts of tape.  Not only did it look bad but it took a lot of tapes to do.  This was the biggest takeaway from watching them work and listening to why they did what they did.  This led me to talk to our shipping supplies company about it. 

We saved money by finding out how much tape we were wasting.  I called up a shipping supplies company and found out a fix for our failures.  We switched to gum tape and within a day we cut down on time to ship and cost. The entry barrier was a gum tape dispensure.  We made up the cost of that in 2 days.  Every day after was profit and that is how you compete in this world.  

Buying Boxes and Tape the wise way

If your whole company shifts into the new eCommerce platform then you have a lot of work to do.  We all know that this year of online shopping and selling of almost all items.  So many companies are not even working at a building but entirely from home.  People have changed their habits and you must accommodate. 

When it comes to budgets and marketing I never imagined the small things would actually cost so much.  It really is amazing what overlooking a simple item can do to a budget that is meant to cut costs for a company.  This happened this year. The pandemic caused our company to shift a little of what it normally has others do for it to a more internal workforce.  We decided to move some of our marketing inside and we are now doing all of our direct mailings online. 

This has meant that we needed to purchase a lot of supplies to do our own direct mailing marketing and some of the items ended up costing a whole lot for not being so effective.  The fact is that what we all think works well is not the correct answer when it comes to doing this professionally. So here are some tips we learned the hard way. 

Being lien in this time is important.   It really is an amazing task for learning how to save money and do it in ways we never imagined.  We went to all levels of crazy to make it happen. So, at first, our goal was to have our own staff take some time out of their days to work on each project.  This was an area we thought we could cut costs and we decided it was only fair if we all pitched in equally.  On a regular basis, we realized that most of us messed around for about an hour a day trying to either be social or just taking breaks.  So we knew that each member of our company could take one hour a day to work on marketing and be social and try to enjoy it.  That was our goal and it seems that most people really don’t mind the break from their work.  Switching things up a bit can be fun.

Finding the right teams are important too.  We organized shifts for each stage of our direct mailing projects.  This meant that we would have one group print labels and put them on a letter with a stamp.  In one hour we could have up to 500 of those ready to go and then the next group would take the letters and fold them and put them in the envelopes.  Then they could have 500 almost ready to go.  But we then had the last group seal the letters and put a wax stamp on them.  It was truly a process and it turned out to be the fastest way to get everything done in turns. 

What we learned from this was that we could call up packaging supplies companies and learn how to use the correct items for each project.  We also found that these companies had big discounts for shipping supplies when ordered in bulk.  We saved money and that was a big win for us. 

NFT Packaging 

NFTs are some of the most prevent topics right now, ranging up to 1.2 million searches a month. There is a roller coaster of interest, but it’s not surprise that people are looking into this. With NFTs working in various injuries from gaming, esports, branding, packaging, finance and art, this is definitely something worth enjoying. 

Early users of this have definitely said that the metaverse is definitely getting popular, and the arrival of bitcoin has helped. The idea that NFTs may be profitable has inspired many to do their research on this too. There are more looking to see how to incorporate this into a brand. You may wonder what NFTs can do to be used as a brand that’s successful, and how packaging plays a roll in all of this. 

What is It? 

NFT packaging is the using of packaging of your product that’s associated with an NFT asset on the materials and the brand uses that to sell the products that are being offered. NFTs of course are non-fungible tokens that are not interchangeable data pieces. This is stored in the blockchain and gives people a chance to purchase, sell, trade, or own some kind of asset that was digital. 

It can be used as a photo, video, audio, or other variant, and with blockchain, this does verify the proof of ownership too. There are variants of older pieces that are being used, and basically are being recreated as interactive NFT digital videos that are on sale. 

The owners of this can sell this to buyers with a fee attached, similar to how art collection purchasers will get rare paintings. They can range in price too from a couple hundred to millions of dollars too, with the owners using this for building communities, designing, branding the product lines, and also the development of other endeavors too. Some people even display this too. 

How it’s used for food packaging. 

It’s already been used in some packaging ventures. Basically, some fast food packaging such as those from Afters Ice Cream, Banh Xeo boys, Trill Burgers, and others have utilized this.  There are some that are using NFTs for their popup shops that they’re opening soon. 

The packaging on this is from NFTs, including the ones from the bored ape club. This NFT is also featured on the materials used in packaging, and the materials that are being used to package menu items that’ll be available to buy at the restaurant themselves. 

This type of packaging is something that’s making a statement. Even though it’s an NFT JPEG, it can be used to brand and create an ecosystem for restaurateurs out there.  Those who are holders or bored ape may also go to there with different merch, and there are more Web3 and other surprises related to NFT. There is also the potential for a bitcoin machine to be there and are looking to utilize crypto as a kind of payment. With over 73,000 followers on Instagram, this event at this place have attracted many who want to go to the event to get the food that’s packaged with NFT packaging and the food and merchandise that is talked about above. 

The bitcoin ATM is a possibility as well since it may lead to the adoption of crypto for those who come into the restaurant world with this too. What can we take away from this? Right now, we don’t really know for sure how this is going to play out, whether it’ll be a great venture of a whimper, but we’ll wait and see, as there may be more and more packaging available. 

How to Bring out Positive emotions with Packaging 

With advertising and marketing messages, sometimes you have to change the way you get the attention of customers. One way you can do this is through emotions, especially positive emotions, where you can use those emotions to get people to buy them. How can you do this? Let’s find out with the different ways packaging can be used to b3eef up the sales as well. 

What is Evocation? 

Evocation is pretty much calling forth something. While in the past it was used with supernatural elements and deities, one way this is done is by bringing about old memories from the past, fully recalling them as well. 

This helps branding and improves packaging, inducing moments of positivity for many people, getting your products that’ll help you and your brand stand out as well. How is this done? Well, we’ll dive into those ways that it’s done here. 

The wording 

Wording is very important, and it’s capable of being very powerful when it comes to packaging, and other aspects too. They make people feel happy, or sad, or even angry and other emotions. 

People can respond to simple wording, which we see with A/B testing as well, where some customers respond to one type of campaign, while others respond to another. Even just asking prospects which they like best can let you take advantage of fonts that you might use with social media. You also may use this to get data s well. 

Engaging with customers on design and feedback, you’ll be able to get more positive emotions and get people excited to buy. When you have proper fonts, you’ll be able to make the packaging stand out, and communicate other, more exciting responses from this too. 

The power of Symbology 

While words play a major part in this, symbols or pictures also play a major part. They contain information that may not be said otherwise, which means that you can evoke emotions that are positive without too many words. 

How can we use this though? There are actually psychologists including Carl Jung who studied how symbols affect people and the difference between each of these. In this, he noticed how different signs get people to act in certain ways. You see this in advertising already, such as the burger king logo being popular, the McDonald’s arches and whatnot. 

These signs can convey that hey, there’s food here. But there are other signs that can be used to point to mystery or knowledge. When you’re looking to build a branding point of this, you need to be able to use symbols to get people excited, to get the to engage with your products, and to sell them discounts and services too. This is something that can get people excited to engage with the brand and is something important as well, especially when they may not react otherwise. 

User generated Content 

Finally, consider when you’re trying to evoke good emotions the user-generated content, or UGC that you can get. There are pretty many customers promoting and creating content for you. 

You can actually build quite the presence by having people do this. They can show off your product in videos, or even for contests, where the winner receives something. This is one of the simplest ways to build brand awareness, and it evokes positive emotions since it shows the brand appreciates the way people respond to them. 

Consider all of these different approaches when you look at your packaging for not only more engagement, but also for better results from all of this as well for you down the line.