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Tools For Quick And Easy Packaging

Whether you are preparing products for in-store retail or delivery, it is of utmost necessity to stay efficient. Unfortunately, many e-commerce and logistic companies do not pay attention to making the smallest of packaging tasks efficient to make accelerate their business processes. As a result, they face the issue of slow productivity.

That is where you can consider using packaging technology. In this article, we will discuss some useful tools that can speed up the packaging to get the products to their destinations faster than usual.

Label applicator

The manual application of labels can be a terribly slower process, which can consume excess time and labor. In such a scenario, using a label applicator can speed up the entire packaging process. This packaging tech allows you to handle loads of work faster without sacrificing the quality of work.

While purchasing a label applicator, keep in mind that there are plenty of options available in the market. Each of these options is suitable for a specific set of requirements. Here are the factors that you would need to consider to find the label application that will offer the best value for your money.

  • The size of your product
  • Location at which you want to attach the label
  • The shape of your product

Wrap dispensers

Packaging wrap is a crucial packaging material that helps keep your product safe from damage during transit. However, wrapping your products using old-fashioned tear-away boxes can be a slow process, which can also result in a lot of packaging wastes. The end result will be in the form of delayed shipments and disappointed buyers.

Fortunately, wrap dispensers are here to help packagers in need. These dispensers keep all of the wrapping material in one place, meaning that you can move the dispenser easily to a location where you want to wrap your products. What’s even better is that these dispensers are available for different wrapping materials, including aluminum foil wrap that you can use for food items requiring additional packaging. You can use wrap dispensers to accomplish a wide range of projects, including:

  • Wrapping food items and beverages
  • Sealing boxes
  • Covering pallets before shipping
  • Wrapping sensitive items
  • Covering fragile items packaged in bubble wrap

Aside from being a time-saving tool, a wrapping dispenser can help economize your budget. It is because a dispenser maintains a reasonable amount of tension inside the wrap, preventing the waste of material, which typically happens with the manual wrapping process. In other words, it is a clear win-win for packaging and logistic companies.

Tagging guns

The introduction of tagging guns is a no less revolution in the packaging industry. This equipment has eased the process of applying pricing and labels on soft products, such as clothing. The best thing is that the application process has become faster and more effective.

This gun loads pricing tags and labels. Once they are loaded, you can point them closer to the product and pull the trigger. It will attach those tags and labels without harming the product. These guns are used in a lot of packaging applications.

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