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Reusing And Recycling Sustainable Corrugated Packaging

Sustainability refers to the concept of everything we need coming from natural resources. The purpose of implementing this concept is to create and maintain the conditions that promote the harmonious co-existence of humans and a well-protected environment.

In this article, we will discuss corrugated boxes because they are made of trees, which are renewable sources. Corrugated is the most recovered packaging material in the world. This material is manufactured from trees and recovered corrugated material. The industry recovery rate of corrugated is over 90%, according to the data based on an 8-year long study. That is why an average corrugated box consists of 50% recycled content.

The overall recovery rate of corrugated is 78%, which is the highest among other materials. Plastic, on the other hand, is recovered only 15%.

Recycling corrugated

You may wonder how the recycling process works after old corrugated containers are dropped off. After these containers are dropped off, recycling units sort, compact, and bale these boxes to save storage space. These bales are shifted to paper mills where these materials are broken down. The corrugated is then inserted into a re-pulper, which is much similar to a blender. The re-pulper agitates the material to form a slushy pulp of water and fiber. After removing the contaminants, the pulp is poured into a moving screen that removes water to form a fiber mat.

This fiber is then wound through a dryer that removes the remaining moisture from the paper. This paper is then rewound into rolls.

Benefits of recycling

The latest corrugated industry life cycle assessment suggests an improvement in the environment as a result of increased efficiency in mill energy systems, improved recycling procedures, and the use of low-impact fossil fuels. This report also suggests reduced industry’s greenhouse gas emissions due to corrugated packaging recovery.

It may be interesting to note that corrugated recycling has a direct and significant impact on the earth. These recycling procedures have resulted in a decrease in solid waste disposal. Recycled fiber contributes to the creation of new packaging materials without the use of too much new raw material.

Recycling corrugated

With every recycling, the corrugated material loses some of its fibers’ length. However, a corrugated can be recycled 5-7 times before its fibers become too short to make it unfit for recycling again. That is where this material is turned into paper paste, which is used in the creation of other items such as egg cartons and newspaper.

Reusing corrugated

Corrugated is as much reusable as it is renewable. That is because of the durability and flexibility of the material. You can reuse corrugated cartons over and over again before they need recycling.

When you order anything online, you will probably get it packed in a corrugated box. That’s where it is necessary not to forget about thx during the excitement of getting hold of the main product. You can flatten the box and save it for future use. Even if its edges and corners are damaged, you can tape them to make them durable for storing and moving your items.

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