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How to Bring out Positive emotions with Packaging 

With advertising and marketing messages, sometimes you have to change the way you get the attention of customers. One way you can do this is through emotions, especially positive emotions, where you can use those emotions to get people to buy them. How can you do this? Let’s find out with the different ways packaging can be used to b3eef up the sales as well. 

What is Evocation? 

Evocation is pretty much calling forth something. While in the past it was used with supernatural elements and deities, one way this is done is by bringing about old memories from the past, fully recalling them as well. 

This helps branding and improves packaging, inducing moments of positivity for many people, getting your products that’ll help you and your brand stand out as well. How is this done? Well, we’ll dive into those ways that it’s done here. 

The wording 

Wording is very important, and it’s capable of being very powerful when it comes to packaging, and other aspects too. They make people feel happy, or sad, or even angry and other emotions. 

People can respond to simple wording, which we see with A/B testing as well, where some customers respond to one type of campaign, while others respond to another. Even just asking prospects which they like best can let you take advantage of fonts that you might use with social media. You also may use this to get data s well. 

Engaging with customers on design and feedback, you’ll be able to get more positive emotions and get people excited to buy. When you have proper fonts, you’ll be able to make the packaging stand out, and communicate other, more exciting responses from this too. 

The power of Symbology 

While words play a major part in this, symbols or pictures also play a major part. They contain information that may not be said otherwise, which means that you can evoke emotions that are positive without too many words. 

How can we use this though? There are actually psychologists including Carl Jung who studied how symbols affect people and the difference between each of these. In this, he noticed how different signs get people to act in certain ways. You see this in advertising already, such as the burger king logo being popular, the McDonald’s arches and whatnot. 

These signs can convey that hey, there’s food here. But there are other signs that can be used to point to mystery or knowledge. When you’re looking to build a branding point of this, you need to be able to use symbols to get people excited, to get the to engage with your products, and to sell them discounts and services too. This is something that can get people excited to engage with the brand and is something important as well, especially when they may not react otherwise. 

User generated Content 

Finally, consider when you’re trying to evoke good emotions the user-generated content, or UGC that you can get. There are pretty many customers promoting and creating content for you. 

You can actually build quite the presence by having people do this. They can show off your product in videos, or even for contests, where the winner receives something. This is one of the simplest ways to build brand awareness, and it evokes positive emotions since it shows the brand appreciates the way people respond to them. 

Consider all of these different approaches when you look at your packaging for not only more engagement, but also for better results from all of this as well for you down the line. 

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