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Getting the right boxes for the job.

No matter what you are doing you need to do it well.  Rather that is moving your own home or your workplace.  The economy told us it was time to move. The reason for this is the lowest interest rates of all time and the lack of employees being able to actually go to work.  Studies found quickly that people were just as productive while working at home and the cost of an office was no longer needed for many companies.  Now our company decided to downsize and we moved after the regulations in our state lifted and we were allowed to come back to work and also move.  We ended up purchasing a lot of products in order to get all of our gear, supplies, and office supplies to our new office.  Now we were off to find the right place.

There really are a ton of options in this country.  The first place we went to was a local big-box supply store.  They are all around and they mark up prices by a large amount.  We needed boxes, crates, and packaging supplies in order to get everything ready and the cost was really high.  We were sitting in the aisles looking at our phones and wondering what we were doing there.  We nicely put all the items back and decided at that moment that online was the way to go. It was going to be faster for us too.  Less travel. 

Now we knew Amazon was going to be one option.  We put in boxes and tape, and crates and so many other things.  The organizational items seemed to be the ones we needed and the shipping on most of them was the next day.  But something didn’t sit right spending thousands of dollars for a move.  So this led us to look at moving companies that would do all of this and provide the materials at a lower cost and possibly give us more options.

Some of the companies brought their own boxes when you used them and crates. After putting many of them against one another we got them to be just a little more expensive than Amazon.  This was originally going to be the best step. We could pay others to do it and spend the same amount of money.  It was going to be the plan until we shopped around and found a packaging supplies store online and that was a really good find.

Going direct is a smart move and was a huge help.  If you have ever used this kind of store was a direct manufacturer and they sold all the items we needed for the move.  I put them in the cart and found that there were bulk discounts for different items.  Thinking this was basically a business deal I called them up and started talking to the customer service agent.  They were amazing and told me I should swap out some boxes and tape to save money.  Then they said if we bought it all together we would get a discount on top of the prices.  Instantly, I was intrigued and then it turned out to be half the price of amazon with better products.  Prices and quality were the answer and we knew it was the right place to be. 

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