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How to Make Packaging More Sustainable 

Product packaging I actually a big part of solid waste, and over 83 trillion tons of waste is just product packaging.  These numbers are four times what they were about 60 years ago, and with ecommerce rising, you want to start considering packaging sustainability. 

Reducing the packaging impact is important, and it sounds a lot better than trying to fill up the landfills doesn’t it? 

Well as an established business, there are a few ways to do this. And with a lot of people producing more and more waste that doesn’t get recycled, this is even more important. 

There is a lot of room to improve on recycled and composted items, getting that closer and closer to 100%. While it will never hit max, it can always be a much better thing. 

There are little things that you can do to make this a lot better. And of course, with more and more customers making those sustainable purchases, especially due to the pandemic, the rise of sustainable products now, and in the future is definitely becoming a lot more involved. 

So how can you offer more sustainable packaging? Read on to find out. 

How to Create sustainable packaging 

There are a few things that you must do. 

First, you need to understand the life cycle of the product. When you understand the packaging lifecycle, you can choose if you wat the packaging to be recyclable, or even just biodegradable, and of course, what you hope to get from this too. 

Next, you want to choose the right materials. Corrugated and paperboard boxes and products are something that can help you fit your products completely. This will offer the best packaging that you can while also still protecting the planet. 

You can even take this further with total recyclable and biodegradable boxes for shipping. Kraft boxes are really good for being durable, minimalist, and sturdy, perfect for the brand packaging that you hope to use. 

Sustainable materials do extend past the box, and you should try for eco-friendly box options as well such as eco-friendly packaging peanuts. 

Another thing is to use custom packaging in order to reduce the waste that you have. 

If you’re shipping items in boxes that are oversized, you might as well throw away money by creating waste that isn’t necessary, and the larger boxes do increase your carbon footprint. So you should consider the option of using custom boxes as well when trying to fit all of these items directly into your packaging, and to give it the best options possible. 

Another thing is to make sure that you order the packaging before you buy in bulk. 

You want to make sur that the product for starters fits in the packaging, and if you realize that they’re not the correct size, this will definitely not be useful, and you end up throwing it away.

You can prevent this by ordering product samples, so you can physically put products into them, ensuring that they’re the best size for the job before you order in bigger quantities, and you also can see if the design as well what is you want before you move forward ordering  a hundred or so of them. 

If you offer a minimum quantity of one, you can order a sample, and then use this if it’s good, or from there commit to more boxes at different sizes if you feel you don’t need that big of packaging. 

You want to make sure that you work to reduce your carbon footprint with packaging, and you can do this now with no issues. 

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